For more than 20 years, all kinds of knitted fabrics mainly produce and operate natural cotton, hemp, wool, silk and other oriented (woven) fabrics, wool, T-shirts, windbreakers, blouses, corduroy, denim clothing series products.

(Dongguan Kailaimei Industrial Co.Ltd.) under (Dongguan Humen Ge mantle garment factory) is located in China\'s famous historical and cultural town - Humen. Company founder Mr. Lin Xianfu, Ms. Huang Xiaolian, whose ancestral home is in Zhejiang. Wenzhou,and found the factory in 2001.

Is a set design, production, sales as one of the male and female attire clothing company. The company mainly for foreign and domestic development of two markets: 1 domestic with large quantities of goods.2. abroad mainly exported to Europe and America, Japan and South Korea as part of the network platform, closely follow the international big name pop direction, to undertake ODM orders for overseas brands (such as the Philippines -SUYEN CORPORATION, Canada -MARIE CLAIRE, Venezuela\'s -MELAO, and by the United States Tesla Motors brand clothing in China the only designated producer). 

Every quarter of the development of 2000~3000 models. All kinds of knitted fabric production and management mainly natural cotton, hemp, wool, silk and other oriented (shuttle) fabric, wool, T-Shirts, windbreaker, small unlined upper garment, corduroy, denim dress series products, the production of clothing exports an average of about 5000000 parts. Dongguan city Humen Ge mantle garment factory is a production companies affiliated factory. With hundreds of skilled The production team, through cooperation and exchanges with many countries in Europe and America for many years customer brand garment industry, to Europe and the United States in the fashion and product quality control, accumulated rich experience. The 2010 launch of cutting-edge fashion brand COLORMY (Translation: Kai Laimei), to provide quality, moderate price as the charm of women, women\'s fashion design new personality. At the same time, cooperate with the Hongkong C.R fashion design company, to jointly develop COLORMY ladies series of costumes.


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More than 20 years experience inproduct mannequins.

Serving customers from more than 18 countries.

The production of clothing exports an average of about 5000000 parts.


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